Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back on the blog

Hello.  I decided to start posting again on my blogspot page!  A few day ago I posted a new tune to my bandcamp website, and I wanted to take the liberty to discuss the piece.

My Imagination's Getting Real

Lyrically - The title is about how sometimes I think too hard into certain problems in a relationship.  You know how you might suspect that someone feels a certain way about something but they continuously deny it?  This song is describing how those assumptions become real and how they unravel themselves.  Essentially - Imaginary problems becoming reality.

Musically - I wanted to write a song with hip jazz chords.  In this song I was able to disguise some extended chords by creating a textural sound that had a lot of pitch bends, oscillations, and movement.  The chords have voice leading that makes it more approachable to novice ears.  I did a lot of editing to remove overly complex chords.  The underlying theme was clear voice-leading harmonies.  I wanted to fill up the tracks, but settled only on six tracks with no sax solos.  It felt unnecessary to add anything else.  Also, I added an 8 measure intro leading into each chorus and added this echo with a synth sound which directs the listener toward what is coming up next.

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